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Pacific Linguistics books in print: the full catalogue of in-print titles, with further details about each work, can be downloaded here.

Below is a summary listing of titles in print published before the transfer of the Pacific Linguistics series to De Gruyter Mouton in approximate order of publication (latest first). Information about placing orders is here.

There is a also a current Price list including discount prices for confernce specials (pdf) and catalogue of out-of-print titles that are available electronically in PDF format (pdf).

Open Access publications released under the Asia-Pacific Linguistics are accessible here.

PL 627 Dynamics of human diversity: the case of mainland Southeast Asia Edited by N. J. Enfield
PL 626 Indigenous language and social identity: Papers in honour of Michael Walsh Edited by Brett Baker, Ilana Mushin, Mark Harvey and Rod Gardner
PL 625 The Binanderean languages of Papua New Guinea: reconstruction and subgrouping Jacinta Smallhorn
PL 624 A salvage grammar of Malgana, the language of Shark Bay, Western Australia Andrew Gargett
PL 623 Mali (Baining) grammar Tonya Stebbins
PL 622 Tamambo, the language of west Malo, Vanuatu Dorothy G. Jauncey
PL 621 The Lexicon of Proto Oceanic: The culture and environment of ancestral Oceanic society. 4: Animals Edited by Malcolm Ross, Andrew Pawley and Meredith Osmond
PL 620 Jingulu texts and dictionary compiled by Robert Pensalfini
PL 619 Meyah: a language of West Papua, Indonesia Gilles Gravelle
PL 618 East Nusantara: typological and areal analyses Edited by Michael C. Ewing and Marian Klamer
PL 617 Endangered Austronesian, Papuan and Australian Aboriginal languages: essays on language documantation, archiving and revitalization Edited by Gunter Senft
PL 616 Papers on six languages of Papua New Guinea Edited by Joan Hooley
PL 615 A journey through Austronesian and Papuan linguistic and cultural space: papers in honour of Andrew K. Pawley Edited by John Bowden, Nikolaus P. Himmelmann and Malcolm Ross
PL 614 Turung: A variety of Singpho language spoken in Assam Stephen Morey
PL 613 Hmong-Mien language history (SLC-8) Martha Ratliff
PL 612 Fragments of Budderer’s Waddy: a new Narungga grammar Christina Eira with the Narungga Aboriginal Progress Association
PL 611 Old Khmer Grammar Philip Jenner and Paul Sidwell
PL 610 Reconstructing Proto Koiarian: The history of a Papuan language family (SLC-7) Tom Dutton
PL 609 Grammatical change: theory and description (SLC-6) Edited by Rachel Hendery and Jennifer Hendriks
PL 608 A grammar of Abma: a language of Pentecost Island Vanuatu Cynthia Schneider
PL 607 The Buyang language of South China: grammatical notes, glossary, texts and translations Li Jinfang and Luo Yongxian Available only as a PDF file on disk
PL 606 Mali (Baining) texts Tonya N. Stebbins with the assistance of Julius Tayul Available only as a PDF file on disk
PL 605 Discovering history through language: papers in honour of Malcolm Ross Bethwyn Evans ed
PL 604 From linguistic to sociolinguistic reconstruction: the Kamta historical subgroup of Indo-Aryan Matthew Toulmin
PL 603 *Leo Tuai: A comparative lexical study of North and Central Vanuatu languages Ross Clark
PL 602 The Austronesian languages Robert Blust
PL 600 Worrorran revisited: the case for genetic relations among languages of the Northern Kimberley region of Western Australia William B. McGregor and Alan Rumsey
PL 599 The Lexicon of Proto Oceanic: The culture and environment of ancestral Oceanic society 3. Plants Edited by Malcolm Ross Andrew Pawley and Meredith Osmond
PL 597 and 598 (sold as a set of two) A Dictionary of pre-Angkorian Khmer and A Dictionary of Angkorian Khmer Philip N. Jenner. Edited by Doug Cooper
PL 596 A grammar of Klon: A non-Austronesian language of Alor Indonesia Louise Baird
PL 595 A reference grammar of Puyuma an Austronesian language of Taiwan Teng Stacy Fang-Ching
PL 594 Serial verb constructions in Austronesian and Papuan languages Edited by Gunter Senft
PL 593 Proto Mirndi: a discontinuous language family in northern Australia Mark Harvey
PL 592 Toqabaqita - English dictionary Frantisek Lichtenberk
PL 590 A grammar of the Pendau language of central Sulawesi Indonesia Phil Quick
PL 589 Kalam serial verb constructions Lane Jonathan
PL 588 Aspects of Lisu phonology and grammar a language of Southeast Asia Yu Defen
PL 587 A grammar of Neve'ei Vanuatu Jill Musgrave
PL 586 A Grammar of Maybrat: A language of the Bird's Head Peninsula Papua Province, Indonesia Philomena Dol
PL 585 A descriptive grammar of the Bukawa language of the Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea W. Eckermann
PL 584 The grammar of Yalarnnga: A language of western Queensland Breen Gavan and Barry J. Blake
PL 583 Semantic pragmatic and diskourse perspectives of preposition use: a study of Indonesian locatives Djenar Dwi Noverini F
PL 582 Speaking Kunjen:  An ethnography of Oykangand kinship and communication the Cape York region of northern Queensland Australia Bruce A. Sommer
PL 578 Tiles in a multilingual mosaic: Macedonian Filipino and Somali in Melbourne Michael Clyne and Sandra Kipp
PL 577 Nese: a diminishing speech variety of Northwest Malakula (Vanuatu) Terry Crowley. Edited by John Lynch. s
PL 576 Naman: a vanishing language of Malakula (Vanuatu) Terry Crowley. Edited by John Lynch.
PL 575 Tape: a declining language of Malakula (Vanuatu) Terry Crowley. Edited by John Lynch.
PL 574 The Avava language of Central Malakula (Vanuatu) Terry Crowley. Edited by John Lynch.
PL 573 A descriptive grammar of Merei (Vanuatu) Ying Shing Anthony Chung
PL 572 Papuan Pasts: Cultural linguistic and biological histories of Papuan-speaking peoples Edited by Andrew Pawley, Robert Attenborough, Jack Golson and Robin Hide
PL 571 The many faces of Austronesian voice systems: Some new empirical studies Edited by I Wayan Arka and Malcolm Ross
PL 570 Studies in Burmese linguistics Edited by Justin Watkins
PL 569 Chamic and Beyond: Studies in mainland Austronesian languages Edited by Anthony Grant and Paul Sidwell
PL 568 The phonology - morphology interface in Malay: An optimality theoretic account Ahmad Zaharanim
PL 567 A grammar of Gayo: A language of Aceh Sumatra Domenyk Eades
PL 566 A grammar of Jahai Niclas Burenhult
PL 564 A dictionary of Kristang (Malacca Creole Portuguese) - English Alan N. Baxter and Patrick de Silva
PL 563 Papers in Austronesian subgrouping and dialectology Edited by John Bowden and Nikolaus Himmelmann
PL 562 Deixis and demonstratives in Oceanic languages Edited by Gunter Senft
PL 561 Alive and kicking: Areyonga Teenage Pitjantjatjara Annie Langlois F
PL 560 A short grammar of Inanwatan an endangered language of the Bird's Head of Papua Indonesia Lourens de Vries
PL 559 Innamincka Words: Yandruwandha dictionary and stories Compiled by Gavan Breen
PL 558 Innamincka Talk: A grammar of the Innamincka dialect of Yandruwandha with notes on other dialects Gavan Breen
PL 557 Tibeto-Burman languages of Nepal: Manange and Sherpa Edited by Carol Genetti
PL 556 Nyangumarta: A language of the Pilbara region of Western Australia Janet Catherine Sharp
PL 554 I'saka: A sketch grammar of a language of north-central New Guinea Mark Donohue and Lila San Roque
PL 553 The Duungidjawu language of southeast Queensland: Grammar texts and vocabulary Suzanne Kite and Stephen Wurm
PL 551 A handbook of comparative Bahnaric Vol. 1: West Bahnaric Paul Sidwell and Pascale Jacq
PL 550 Issues in Austronesian historical phonology Edited by John Lynch
PL 549 The Bunganditj (Buwandik) language of the Mount Gambier Region Barry Blake
PL 548 Borrowing: A Pacific perspective Edited by Jan Tent and Paul Geraghty
PL 546 A short morphology phonology and vocabulary of Kiput Sarawak Robert Blust
PL 544 The Warrnambool language: A consolidated account of the Aboriginal language of the Warrnambool area of the western district of Victoria based on nineteenth-century sources Barry Blake
PL 543 A phonetic and phonological description of Ao: A Tibeto-Burman language of Nagaland north-east India A.R. Coupe
PL 539 A study of valency-changing devices in Proto Oceanic Bethwyn Evans
PL 538 Early forms of Aboriginal English in South Australia 1840s--1920s Robert Foster Paul Monaghan and Peter Mühlhäusler
PL 537 A dictionary of Buin a language of Bougainville Donald C. Laycock. Edited by Masayuki Onishi
PL 535 A grammar of the Hoava language Western Solomons Karen Davis
PL 534 A dictionary of Koiari Papua New Guinea with grammar notes Dutton Tom Tom Dutton
PL 533 Ùa Pou: Aspects of a Marquesan dialect Margaret Mutu with Ben Teìkitutoua
PL 532 Dictionary of Kyaka Enga Papua New Guinea Norm and Sheila Draper
PL 531 The phonetics of Wa: Experimental phonetics phonology orthography and sociolinguistics Justin Watkins
PL 530 Collected papers on Southeast Asian and Pacific languages Edited by Robert S. Bauer
PL 529 Between worlds: Linguistic papers in memory of David John Prentice Edited by K. Alexander Adelaar and Robert Blust
PL 528 Tetun Dili: A grammar of an East Timorese language Catharina Williams-van Klinken, John Hajek and Rachel Nordlinger
PL 525 Dharumbal: The language of Rockhampton Australia Angela Terrill
PL 524 Languages of the eastern Bird's Head Edited by Ger Reesink
PL 522 Araki: A disappearing language of Vanuatu Alexandre François
PL 521 Taba: description of a South Halmahera Austronesian language John Bowden
PL 520 Proto Central Pacific ergativity: Its reconstruction and development in the Fijian Rotuman and Polynesian languages Ritsuko Kikusawa
PL 519 Issues in Austronesian morphology: A festschrift for Byron W. Bender Edited by Joel Bradshaw and Kenneth Rehg
PL 518 The history and typology of western Austronesian voice systems Edited by Fay Wouk and Malcolm Ross
PL 517 Languages of Vanuatu: A new survey and bibliography John Lynch and Terry Crowley
PL 516 A grammar of Limilngan: A language of the Mary River region Northern Territory Australia Mark Harvey
PL 511 Sourcebook on Tomini-Tolitoli languages: General information and word lists Compiled by Nikolaus P. Himmelmann
PL 510 Anejom Dictionary John Lynch and Philip Tepahae
PL 509 The linguistic history of southern Vanuatu John Lynch
PL 508 An Erromangan (Sye) dictionary Terry Crowley
PL 507 A grammar of Anejom John Lynch
PL 506 Constraints on null subjects in Bislama (Vanuatu): Social and linguistic factors Miriam Meyerhoff
PL 503 Spices from the East: Papers in languages of eastern Indonesia Edited by Charles E. Grimes

Old series A–D: books still in print

PL A-85 Papers in Papuan Linguistics No. 2 (Franklin ed.)
PL A-86 Papers in Southeast Asian Linguistics No. 14: Tibeto-Burman Languages of the Himalayas (Bradley ed.)
PL A-87 Papers in Papuan Linguistics No. 3 (Pawley ed.)
PL A-89 Papers in Southeast Asian Linguistics No. 15: Chamic studies (Thomas ed.)
PL A-90 Papers in Southeast Asian Linguistics No. 16 (Clark ed.)
PL A-91 Papers in Pidgin and Creole Linguistics No. 5 (Mühlhäusler ed.)
PL A-92 Papers in Austronesian Linguistics No. 5 (Tryon ed.)
PL B-106 Theme Result and Contrast (Brainard)
PL B-108 Forms and functions in Kombai, an Awyu language of Irian Jaya (de Vries)
PL B-109 Selected Topics in the Grammar of Limos Kalinga (Ferreirinho)
PL B-110 The Phonology of Karao (Brainard)
PL B-111 The Verb Morphology of Mori (Barsel)
PL B-115 A Description of Abun (Berry and Berry)
PL C-78 Languages of Sabah (King and King eds)
PL C-82 A Baruya-Tok Pisin-English Dictionary (Lloyd)
PL C-118 Thematic Continuity and Development in Languages of Sabah (Levinsohn ed.)
PL C-131 Further Aspects of the Grammar of Yanyuwa (Kirton and Bella)
PL C-132 Katuic Comparative Dictionary (Peiros) F
PL C-134 A Dictionary of Kwoma (Bowden)
PL C-138 Towards a Lexicogrammar of Mekeo (Jones)
PL C-141 SICOL Vol. 1: Language contact (Tent and Mugler eds)
PL C-143 Sinaugoro Grammar PNG (Tauberschmidt)
PL C-144 Morphology Syntax and Cohesion in Nabak PNG (Fabian, Fabian and Waters)
PL C-147 Wathawurrung and the Colac Language of Southern Victoria (Blake)
PL C-148 The Interface Between Syntax and Discourse in Korafe (Farr)
PL C-149 A Dictionary of the Mele Language (Atara Imere) Vanuatu (Clark)
PL C-152 The Lexicon of Proto Oceanic: The Culture and Environment of Ancestral Oceanic Society, Vol.1 Material Culture (Ross, Pawley & Osmond)
PL C-153 Bosavi-English-Tok-Pisin Dictionary (Schieffelin et al) F
PL C-156 Ura: A Disappearing Language of Southern Vanuatu (Crowley)
PL D-24 Beginning Hiri Motu (Dutton & Voorhoeve) F
PL D-67 A New course in Tok Pisin PNG (Dutton) Book and set of 15 CDs/one DVD
PL D-72 Bislama: An introduction to the national language of Vanuatu (Tryon) Book and set of 15 CDs/one DVD
PL D-79 Notes on Some Queensland Languages (Holmer)
PL D-82 Lavongai materials (Beaumont ed.)
PL D-86 Language of Development and Development of Language (Heryanto)
PL D-89 Materials on Languages in Danger of Disappearing (Wurm ed.)
PL D-90 A Linguistic Bibliography of the New Guinea Area (Carrington)
PL D-91 The Bungku-Tolaki Languages of Southeastern Sulawesi (Mead)
PL D-93 Grammatical Relations in Bahasa Indonesia (Vamarasi)
PL D-94 Fundaments of Austronesian Roots and Etymology (Kempler-Cohen)