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Since 2012 we are pleased to offer authors the opportunity to publish work electronically under the banner Asia-Pacific Linguistics: Open Access.

These materials are freely downloadable (copyright remains vested in their authors, released under Creative Common licence (may be used with attribution). We invite interested persons to submit proposals for new publications, especially journals, conference proceedings, and similar works intended for on-line open access. All such publications must be subject to academic peer review, and released with ISBN or ISSN, creating citable references with status equal to print series works.

If you wish to propose a new title, series, or journal, please consult the Publication Proposal guide first.

Titles are published in the following series:

Studies on Austronesian Languages (SAL). (landing page under construction)

Austroasiatic Studies: Papers from ICAAL 4, vol. 1, ed. Sophana Srichampa and Paul Sidwell

Austroasiatic Studies: Papers from ICAAL 4, vol. 2, ed. Sophana Srichampa, Paul Sidwell and Kenneth Gregerson

APL 004 Shorto 2013 Palaung Word List: based on materils collected fromPan Shwe Kya, Namhsan, Sept-Octo, 1957

APL 005 Shorto 2013 Riang-Lang Vocabulary: compiled from materials collected by G.H. Luce

APL 006 Shorto 2013 Wa-Praok Vocabulary

The International Conference on Austroasiatic Linguistics website is here.

A supplement to the Paiwan dictionary by Raleigh Ferrell, Pacific Linguistics, 1982, collected by John Whitehorn (posted 18 October 2010).