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Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (JSEALS) Volume 5 (2012)

As of volume 5, JSEALS has moved to a continuous publication model. Following the general trend in journal publishing, papers will be put up online as they are ready, and all papers that appear in a given year constitute a specific volume. At the end of each year there is the option to bundle the papers into a print-on-demand issue. Additionally, papers are securely archived by ANU Digital Collections.

Volume 5 is now closed. You can download the complete volume as a single file here, or select individual papers below.

Papers (peer-reviewed)

Mark J. Alves. Notes on grammatical vocabulary in Central Vietnamese. pp.1-11.

R. Wyn Owen. A tonal analysis of contemporary Tai Khuen varieties. pp.12-31.

Somsonge Burusphat. Tones of Thai Song varieties. pp.32-48.

Adam Sposato. Relative clauses in Xong (Miao-Yao). pp.49-66.

Phattharathanit Srichomthong. Identity maintenance in Lanna (Northern Thai). pp.67-84.

Suwilai Premsrirat & Uniansasmita Samo. Planning and implementing Patani Malay in bilingual education in southern Thailand. pp.85-96.

Sharifah Raihan Syed Jaafar. Co-phonology vs. Indexed constraint theory: a case study of Perak dialect partial reduplication. pp.97-106.

Atsuko Utsumi. Applicative verbs and applicative construction in the Bantik language. pp.107-125.

Kiyoko Takahashi. On the historical semantic changes of the Thai morpheme HÂJ. pp.126-141.

Reviews, Data Papers, other contributions

Anthony Jukes. Book Review: John U. Wolff, Proto-Austronesian Phonology with Glossary, Vols. I-II. Ithaca, Southeast Asia Program Publications, Cornell University, 2010, Xix + 1146 pp.