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Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (JSEALS) Volume 6 (2013)

Following the general trend in journal publishing, papers will be put up online as they are ready, and all papers that appear in a given year constitute a specific volume. At the end of each year there is the option to bundle the papers into a print-on-demand issue. Additionally, papers are securely archived by ANU Digital Collections.

Volume 6 is now closed. You can download the complete volume as a single file here, or select individual papers below.

Papers (peer-reviewed)

Scott DeLancey. The History of Postverbal Agreement in Kuki-Chin. pp.1-17

Somsonge Burusphat. The Language Shift in Progress of Thai Song. pp.18-34

Wichaya Bovonwiwat. Aspects in Fengshun Hakka spoken in Thailand: Perfective, Experiential, and Incohative. pp.35-53

Anh-Thư T. Nguyễn. Acoustic and perceptual correlates of Vietnamese folk poetry rhythmic structure. pp.54-77

Muhammad Zakaria. On the origin of Hyow. pp.78-86

Ya-Yin Melody Chang, Paul Law & Qing-Lian Zhao. Plurality in Naxi and its typological implications. pp.87-98

Peter NORQUEST & Sean DOWNEY. Expanding the PAN consonant inventory. pp 99-145

Vincent Carveth. Pathways of development for Qiándōng Hmongic aspirated fricatives. pp. 147-157

Prang Thiengburanathum. Thai jùu and kamlaŋ: where Tense and Aspect meet. 158-188

Pattama Patpong. Thematic progression of Thai Song Dam folktales. 189-215

Reviews, Data Papers, other contributions