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Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (JSEALS) Volume 7 (2014)

Following the general trend in journal publishing, papers will be put up online as they are ready, and all papers that appear in a given year constitute a specific volume. At the end of each year there is the option to bundle the papers into a print-on-demand issue. Additionally, papers are securely archived by ANU Digital Collections.

Papers (peer-reviewed)

Ellie Hall. An analysis of Muak Sa-aak tone. pp.1-10

Nathan Hill. Proto-Kuki-Chin initials according to Toru Ohno and Kenneth VanBik. pp.11-30

NGUYEN Thi Thuy Minh and HO Gia Anh Le. Acquisition of Request Modifiers in Vietnamese as a Second Language. pp.31-51

Somsonge Burusphat. Plant-based numeral classifiers in Tai Dam. pp.52-63

Maya Ravindranath and Abigail C. Cohn. Can a language with millions of speakers be endangered? pp.64-75

Lauren Gawne. Evidentiality in Lamjung Yolmo. pp.76-96.

Reviews, Data Papers, other contributions

Mabel P. Victoria. Review of Elementary Tagalog: Tara Mag-Tagalog tayo. By J. Domigpe, J. and N. Domingo. pp.i-ii.