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Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (JSEALS) Volume 8 (2015)

Following the general trend in journal publishing, papers will be put up online as they are ready, and all papers that appear in a given year constitute a specific volume. At the end of each year there is the option to bundle the papers into a print-on-demand issue. Additionally, papers are securely archived by ANU Digital Collections.

Papers (peer-reviewed)

Paul Julian Santiago. Information Sructure and Voice Alternation in Kalanguya. pp.1-23

Johan van der Auwera & Frens Vossen. Negatives between Chamic and Bahnaric. pp.24-38

Mark Alves. Etyma for ‘Chicken’, ‘Duck’, & ‘Goose’ among Language Phyla in China & Southeast Asia. pp.39-55

Ryan Gehrmann. Vowel Height and Register Assignment in Katuic. pp.56-70

Brad Chamberlain. Linguistic Watersheds: a Model for Understanding Variation among the Tibetic Languages. pp.71-96

Unchalee S. Wongwattana. Complexities of Thai Copular Constructions. pp.97-120

Tiffany Barkman. Reduplication and Imperfectivity in Jejera . pp.121-131

Reviews, Data Papers, other contributions

Paul Sidwell. Review of Dictionary of Wa (2 Vols.) with Translations in English, Burmese and Chinese. By Justin Watkins (2013). pp.i-ii.

Piers Kelly. A Comparative Analysis of Eskayan and Boholano-Visayan (Cebuano) Phonotactics: Implications for the Origins of Eskayan Lexemes. pp.iii-xiv.