Welcome to the Pacific Linguistics and Asia-Pacific Linguistics

Pacific Linguistics and Asia-Pacific Linguistics are two distinct series which publish scholarly research relating to the languages of Asia, the Pacific and Australia, with a particular focus on little described languages. This includes language description and grammatical analysis, dictionaries, language documentation, language typology and linguistic theory, sociolinguistics, language contact, and the reconstruction of linguistic change and culture history.

Pacific Linguistics (PL) is a series of print and ebook monographs published by de Gruyter Mouton.

Asia-Pacific Linguistics (A-PL) is an open-access ebook series, with a print-on-demand option, published by ANU Press. The Asia-Pacific Linguistics series also publishes text collections and other language materials for local communities.

From 1963 until 2011, Pacific Linguistics was a single publication series located at the Australian National University (ANU). All volumes published by Pacific Linguistics during this time are available electronically through ANU Open Research.