Asia-Pacific Linguistics

Asia-Pacific Linguistics (A-PL) provides a broad platform for content delivery in linguistics with emphasis on open access. We offer textbooks and language learning materials for sale, other materials such as journals, data collections, shorter grammars and reference works, lexicons, facimile editions and so forth published and distributed free of charge in electronic format (typically PDF). A-PL publications all carry ISSN/ISBN numbers, are subject to peer review where appropriate.

In order to submit work to any Asia-Pacific Linguistics open access series, please consult the Book Proposal Guidelines before contacting the Managing Editor. Detailed information can be found in the author section.

Conference Proceedings and Wordlists

Asia-Pacific Linguistics also publishes conference proceedings, vocabulary and wordlists.

Austroasiatic Studies: Papers from ICAAL 4, vol. 1 (PDF, 7MB), ed. Sophana Srichampa and Paul Sidwell

Austroasiatic Studies: Papers from ICAAL 4, vol. 2 (PDF, 9MB), ed. Sophana Srichampa, Paul Sidwell and Kenneth Gregerson

Shorto, H. L. Wa-Praok Vocabulary (PDF, 4MB)

Shorto, H. L. Palaung Wordlist (PDF, 42MB)

Shorto, H. L. Riang-Lang Vocabulary: compiled from the materials collected by G. H. Luce (PDF, 39MB)