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Welcome to the temporary website of Pacific Linguistics!

On this website you will find all information about Asia-Pacific Linguistics, our series of E-Journals and Monographs . We can also look through our Catalogue.

You also got access to the Pacific Linguistics backlist archives, prepared as a public service by CRCL (Bangkok) with the cooperation of Asia-Pacific Linguistics. At present, 587 volumes have been indexed, and 512 volumes are on line.

A series: volumes 1 (1963) through 92 (1998)
B series: volumes 1 (1963) through 115 (1999)
C series: volumes 1 (1965) through 156 (1999)
D series: volumes 1 (1964) through 94 (1999).

PL series: volumes 501 (2000) through 570 (2005) are on line, volumes 571 through 636 (2011) are underway.

All our publications currently in print are also listed in this PDF.

All Out-of-print-publications are also available on request.

PDF versions of works in this archive may be freely downloaded for research purposes. If you wish to purchase print version of works still in print, you can continue to do so in the normal way. Asia-Pacific Linguistics (A-PL) provides a broad platform for content delivery in linguistics with emphasis on open access; we offer textbooks and language learning materials for sale, other materials such as journals, data collections, shorter grammars and reference works, lexicons, facimile editions and so forth published and distributed free of charge in electronic format (typically PDF). A-PL publications all carry ISSN/ISBN numbers, are subject to peer review where appropriate, and offer the tremendous advantages of electronic distribution and open access.

The Pacific Linguistics monograph series we have published continuously since 1963 is now published by De Gruyter Mouton in Berlin, volumes numbered 637 onward. The DGM series focuses primarily on linguistic descriptions, dictionaries and high quality reference materials for the languages of the Pacific, Australia and Asia to be sold in both hard and soft-copy.

Both A-PL publications and the DGM series are managed out of the Department of Linguistics (School of Culture, History & Language) at the ANU, under the one editorial board and Managing Editor, ensuring the continuation of high academic standards.

For submissions to both Pacific Linguistics and Asia-Pacific Linguistics series, please contact the Managing Editor.