For Authors

Authors and editors interested in publishing with either Pacific Linguistics or Asia-Pacific Linguistics should submit a book proposal using the relevant online form:

Note that on the de Gruyter Mouton book proposal form, please select “book series” as the format in which you want to publish your title, and then indicate that the series is Pacific Linguistics.

Authors and editors are also welcome to contact the Editorial Board to discuss their proposed book before submitting a book proposal. This can be done by contacting any member of the Editorial Board individually, or by emailing:

For both Pacific Linguistics and Asia-Pacific Linguistics book proposals are considered by the Editorial Board. If a proposal is considered suitable for publication within the relevant series, then the full book manuscript is requested for external review. Following positive reviews, authors/editors are required to prepare their manuscript for publication by revising the content of the manuscript in accordance with the reviewer reports and following the publisher guidelines for the relevant series.

Both Pacific Linguistics and Asia-Pacific Linguistics welcome the submission of manuscripts based on PhD and MA theses, and we encourage recent graduates to submit a book proposal. Please see here for further information on publishing your thesis with Pacific Linguistics or Asia-Pacific Linguistics.

For Asia-Pacific Linguistics manuscripts do require professional copy-editing, the costs of which need to be covered by the author(s). Please see here for information on copy-editing and preparing your manuscript in ways that can minimise the costs of the copy-editing.

Further details of the publication process can be found on the publisher websites:

Please also contact the Editorial Board if you have questions about the publication process: