For Authors

However, we request that you do not spend time formatting your manuscripts before they have been accepted and you are requested to do so.

The following files provides styles suitable for Asia-Pacific Linguistics on-line publications. You can find Word templates in A4 and B5 in the following links (A4 and B5 are the preferred sizes for AP-L formats). Note that the following links go to Word documents formatted with styles, which can be downloaded and saved as templates. Styles will save you a great deal of time and effort in formatting, and it is a good idea to learn how to use them. There are quite a few different ways of organising styles in Word, and you should liaise with your editor on this. If you intend to publish as a primarily digital work, we recommend the A4 format. If you wish to also make your work available in print, such as through a print-on-demand service, you may prefer to use the B5 format.

APL-A4-page format


If your intended publication is a dictionary, you should also download the guide_for_PL_dictionaries and send us an advance sample prepared in accordance with the guide.

If you intend to edit a volume of papers for publication, please contact the Managing Editor directly before you do anything.

In general, we do not commission works, nor do we enter into agreements with authors in advance of receiving the manuscript. However, a prospective author is always welcome to discuss with us whether we might be interested in publishing her/his work.

Royalties are not paid on our publications, nor are fees paid to editors.