Pacific Linguistics

Pacific Linguistics De Gruyter Mouton monograph series

The Pacific Linguistics monograph series – continuously by ANU since 1963 – is from the latter half of 2012 published by De Gruyter Mouton (Berlin). Maintaining continuity, the numbering of volumes with continue without interuption. The first volume to be published out of Berlin is Ilana Mushin’s A Grammar of (Western) Garrwa (PL-637).

The Studies in Language Change subseries is now an independent De Gruyter Mouton series.

Monographs accepted into those series will follow the publishing procedure  of De Gruyter Mouton.

Procedures for preparing camera-ready copy for De Gruyter Mouton are on the website. Authors should choose the style sheet and template which most closely matches their needs: if it is a grammar, then choose the Mouton Grammar Library style sheet and template. However, do not spend time formatting your texts before they have been accepted and you are requested to do so.

Before you prepare your manuscript, please check that your subject matter falls within our specialist area. We specialise in linguistic descriptions, dictionaries, atlases, bibliographies and other materials concerned with languages of the Pacific, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Southeast, South and East Asia, and in language learning materials in the region’s major lingua francas.

Authors take responsibilty for copy editing and formatting of final copy, and must follow the directions of the responsible editor until s/he is satisfied that copy is ready.

Make sure that you are familiar with the following documents:

If a book is likely to be particularly demanding to typeset because of the complexity of its examples, tables, figures and the like, it may be appropriate to retain professional editorial services. These can be costly, so consider seeking a publication subsidy from your home insitution or elsewhere in order help defray costs. Note: we no longer provide typesetting or copyediting services as a matter of course.

As before, the monograph series will focus primarily on linguistic descriptions, dictionaries and high quality reference materials for the languages of the Pacific, Australia and Asia. However, distribution and sales will be much stronger, and production quality will be enhanced by the shift to high quality hard cover printing.

Editorial control of the series will be managed out of the Department of Linguistics (School of Culture, History & Language) at the ANU, under the editorial board and Managing Editor, ensuring the continuation of high academic standards.

Authors are now required to provide either camera ready copy, or files appropriately styled for disc conversion, after book proposals have been accepted and review and revision of texts has been completed to the satisfaction of the Editorial Board. The style sheet for camera-ready copy on the De Gruyter Mouton website. Do not spend time formatting your texts before they have been accepted and you are requested to do so.

For any questions about the monograph series, please contact the Managing Editor directly and receive advice on the preparation of a formal proposal.